Christmas Traditions – Part Two

Well, Christmas is tomorrow so I thought I’d better share some more Christmas traditions before it’s too late and I have to wait until next year!

In my last post, I shared a story about a tradition we may have lost for the time being. Today, I would like to share a story about one that has returned.

When my brother and I were quite young, our parents would take us to see a Christmas play at the local theatre what seemed every year. The play was called Christmas With Scrooge and it was a wonderful musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. This was always such fun, and the cast was full of familiar faces from around town, and our friends. It was a real community play and it seemed that whoever wasn’t coming to see the play was in the cast. It was a wonderful way to get in the spirit of the season and I always loved going.

One year, they had to stop putting on the play. The family that was the driving force behind the play had some health issues and one of the creators passed away the following year. It appeared that the play was done for good.

This year, after 11 years without Christmas With Scrooge, the island rallied and the play came back! The same family who had started this in the beginning was able to bring it back, and many of the original cast members returned. And once again, the entire island seemed to be either in the audience or on the stage. Friends of mine who were young children playing puppies and little kids the last time were now playing carollers, ghosts or other more prominent roles. It was an amazing experience to be in the audience for this show again, and to feel all the memories of childhood Christmases come rushing back. This year was especially meaningful to me as I was able to share this with not only my own family, but my fiancé and his family as well. They didn’t live on Salt Spring the last time the play was on and had never seen it before. It was wonderful to see them enjoying a new Christmas tradition.

I find it a lovely coincidence that the same year we lose the tradition of gingerbread houses and Christmas dinner with our family friends, we gain back the tradition of a community Christmas play. The holidays are always a wonderful time for my family and I, but this was just one more way to make it extra special.

And as per our yearly tradition, my whole family went down to Fulford on Salt Spring to pick our Christmas tree. This year we picked a beautiful, large Grand Fir and it smells amazing!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

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