My Fairytale

In 2009, I began dating a wonderful boy named Ben. He had been a friend of mine for a few years and we dated all the way through high school. We had our ups and downs, but we were crazy about each other.

When we graduated in 2012, we decided to stay together and make our relationship work, even though we weren’t necessarily going to be in the same place. I started university in Nanaimo and he went traveling for 2 months that September. When he came back, he lived on Salt Spring and I was still in Nanaimo. After a few months of back and forth, he got his own apartment in Nanaimo as well and even though I lived in residence at school, I practically moved in with him. At the end of my first year of university, I moved back to Salt Spring to work and he stayed in Nanaimo. By the time his lease was up and he was moving back to Salt Spring, school was starting again and I was moving back to Nanaimo into a house with my best friend and another girl. Once again, he went back and forth visiting me for a while before he and my best friend’s boyfriend at the time decided to move up to Nanaimo. Once again, we practically lived together for the remainder of that year.

In May 2014, I moved back to Salt Spring again and he went tree-planting in the interior of BC  for 3 months. That fall, I moved back to Nanaimo again and he started university in Vancouver. For the next 2 years, we spent the school year living in different cities, him making the trip to see me every single weekend, and spending the summers together on Salt Spring. In May 2016, I graduated university and we spent one final summer on Salt Spring before – finally – officially moving in together in Vancouver in August.

Throughout all this, he has been my rock. He has taken care of me, supported me, made me laugh and made me feel so loved and so special. He amazes me with his many talents and his wacky sense of humor, his kindness, his curiosity for everything, and his strength through the tough times.

It’s now been over a year of living together, and 8.5 years together. Even though it was tough for a few years living apart, never once did we consider ending our relationship. He was always stronger than I was, he helped me stay positive and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A little while ago, and after much discussion over the last few years, we decided we were ready to be engaged. We found a ring and ordered it together. It arrived a few weeks ago, and due to unforeseen medical issues, we had to delay for a little while. But now he is well again. A few days ago, he officially asked me to marry him. Can you guess what I said?

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